Dreadlords / Miss Parker : Split

2017 : Désordre Nouveau Records
Format : 7″

File this one under “out of left field” for me, it’s one of those splits your not sure how or why came together, only glad that it did.

For those that don’t know, Dreadlords is basically the flipside to the Black Industrial unit TOMB. Make no mistake, it’s just as dark, intimidating, and experimental, but where TOMB operates in a Noise/PE arena, Dreadlords takes it way back. Sort of a Gothic Blues band, equal parts Mississippi Delta, NOLA Voodoo and Danzig 1 through 3. Their 2014 LP “Death Angel” on Not Just Religious Music gets much rotation at Casa de Plague. And speaking of, their side of the split “Beg” could very well be an outtake from II: Lucifuge era Glenn. And I mean that in the best of all ways. Ask anyone that knows me even a little in the “real world”, and they’ll tell you I worship at the altar of all things Danzig. “Beg” is a reverb-heavy, smoldering sex jam that screams for a video with LA strippers. Vocalist Jack Gannon’s voice is at it’s most sultry. This track is stripped down to the very essence of the Blues.

I knew nothing of Miss Parker and avoided listening to anything online prior to receiving this split. I like surprises, one way or the other. This one peaked the levels at pleasant. Forty-five seconds into”Eyes Are Burned” and I knew I was hooked. These three gentlemen from Marseille are making Post Punk so flawless, Ian Curtis is clawing at his coffin. This is not some ridiculous “retro” garbage, but the continuation of the darkened art form so many of us know and love. Perfectly programmed percussion, beautiful guitar, driving bass lines, subtle but skillful synth and immaculately delivered vocals, it has all the earmarks of classical Coldwave. Break out the eyeliner, my lovelies, you’re going to need it.

As of this writing, these are still available. I’m not sure on the limitation, but I can’t imagine these being around for long.

Dreadlords Bandcamp
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Miss Parker Bandcamp
Miss Parker Facebook
Désordre Nouveau Bandcamp


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