Episode 24

The Plague Haus crew welcomes our very special guest, David Herrera. Currently a member of Imprecation, Christ Dismembered, Wülfskol, and formal of Bahimiron as well as Morbus 666, David’s work is known worldwide. He’s been a force on the Houston Metal scene for over 25 years. Join us as we delve into a spiral of absinthe and beer, talk about titties, and occasionally play some music. This was hands down one of my favorite shows…..

Show notes:

Behexen “Black Metal Baptism” (By The Blessing of Satan – 2004 – Woodcut Records)
Danzig “Let Yourself Go” (Skeletons – 2015 – AFM)
Devil’s Witches “Voodoo Woman” (Velvet Magic – 2017 – Self-released)
Wülfskol “I Am The Devil’s Blood” (Hellshock – 2017 – Heretic Thorns)
Miss Parker “Eyes Are Burned” (Split – 2017 – Désordre Nouveau Records)
Chelsea Wolfe “Carrion Flowers” (Abyss – 2015 – Sargent House)
Massive Attack “Group Four” (Mezzanine – 1998 – Virgin)
Pharmakon “Sleepwalking Form” (Contact – 2017 – Sacred Bones)
Arrowhead “Desert Cult Ritual” (Desert Cult Ritual – 2017 – Ripple Music)
Monster Magnet “Nod Scene” (Spine of God – 1991 – Glitterhouse)
Eternal Champion “I Am the Hammer” (The Armor of Ire – 2016 – No Remorse)
Possession “Beast of Prey” (Exorikizein – 2017 – Invictus Productions)
Wülfskol “Lucifer’s Spell” (Hellshock – 2017 – Heretic Thorns)
Occvlta “Darkness Bloom” (Night Without End – 2017 – Electric Assault Records)

Background sounds from Anji Cheung “Ritual”….

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