White Chamber : Pale Tears

2017 : Heiðrunar Myrkrunar
Format : 7″

It never really went away, but with the success of projects like Survive and the Stranger Things soundtrack, bands cranking out 80’s themed, John Carpenter-esque themes are at an all time high. Take a quick gander at eBay for “vintage synths” or hell, even companies like Moog reissuing classic analog equipment. It’s hot. It’s now. It’s happening.

While White Chamber falls firmly in the soundtrack-to-a-film-that-never-happened genre, leave it to the Kim Larsen (:Of The Wand And The Moon:, Les Chasseurs De La Nuit, Vril Jäger) and Iver Overgaard (My Beloved) to drag it kicking and screaming down the rabbit hole and twist into something else completely. The EP kicks off with the track “Pale Tears”. Steeped in Folk Horror, what sets White Chamber apart from the run of the mill soundtrack clones are its organic elements. Sure, there’s the requisite underlying drum machine track and varying shades of Moogie goodness, but there’s also an equal amount of smooth, Jazzy trumpet (courtesy of Bo Rande of Blue Foundation, Choir Of Young Believers & The William Blakes) as well as varied bits of  percussion. Imagine Halloween III meets Death In June.

Side B’s “Vacio” seems more of a traditional sound for this style, but equally intriguing. More synth heavy and morose, but with lots of bizarre samples weaving throughout like transmissions from a border radio not too far in the distant past.

This is the sophomore release from the project, the follow up to 2015’s excellent “One”, also released as a 7″ on Larsen’s own Heiðrunar Myrkrunar imprint. Produced by that master of masters, Mr. Robert Ferbache and distributed via Tesco Records. If you’re a fan of film scores or of Herr Larsen’s more aberrant work, make sure you pick this one up. Limited to just 250 copies, I’m sure they won’t be around forever.

Tesco Germany
Tesco USA

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