777 : Feel the Fire EP

2018 : Urtod Void
Format : LP / CD / Cassette

It’s finally here. The release I’ve been anticipating for a year and some change is finally on the horizon. 777 has announced their forthcoming EP, Feel the Fire.

Feel the Fire is a five-song foray into magic(k), philosophy, and sincere self-expression that I haven’t seen from a new band in quite awhile.

I love every minute of this recording. Part of me wishes there was more, and though I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from 777 in the future, perhaps short and sweet is a good way to make their debut. 777’s influences span the entire spectrum of mid-60s – late 70ish culture. There are a lot of musical callbacks from everything like the more obvious, Led Zeppelin to Boston as well as some more aesthetic choices that remind me of Bobby Beausoleil and Kenneth Anger. It’s all here and it’s all literal perfection to me.

Fans of The Devil’s Blood will find a lot to enjoy here. Lyrically, 777 is a much different band than TDB. The concepts are overtly Thelemic in nature (as if the name didn’t already imply) and therefore have (to me) a bit more of an uplifting and introspective tone about them.

“New Aeon” is a strong opener. Elizabeth’s voice here, as well as everywhere else on the recording is powerful and mesmerizing. There’s even a heavy hint of Jimmy Page around the end of the song.

Niko is a gifted, yet enigmatic guitar player. While he seems to do a handful of the backing vocals, I’m definitely given the impression that he takes general charge of the songwriting itself. Both of them are musicians that I’ve not heard play anywhere else prior to this project, so seeing such artistry out of the blue always adds a bit more intrigue.

“Healing Power” and “Feel the Fire” both have some of my favorite vocal passages, with the latter track closing the album with a massive vocal choir in the last few moments. Definitely a welcome surprise. Niko has a mind-blowing, Boston-like solo about 3 minutes into “Feel the Fire” that’s just downright amazing! For an EP, there’s so much packed into here.

It’s hard for bands to stand out among seemingly endless amounts of other artists in an age of Soundcloud and Bandcamp, but 777 is something more, it is the willed birth of an artistic juggernaut that has the power to transform the way people experience the music.

Feel the Fire was a pleasant surprise for me. I knew I was going to really enjoy it, but yet somehow it exceeded even my highest expectations. It’s nice to see the broad and infinitely expansive world of Thelema so passionately displayed in a band’s lyrics and imagery.


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