Malhkebre : Satanic Resistance

2019 : Lamech Records
Format : LP/CD

It took a lot for me to get my shit together and start writing again. I don’t think I’ve done much (if anything at all) for the webzine since I moved. And while I’m currently in the middle of moving again, I finally got to hear something interesting enough speak about.

Malhkebre was one of those bands that was kind of a one-off thing for me. Apart from hearing their side of the Aosoth split, I’ve heard nothing else from them until now. The French Black Metal quartet bears a lot of the same unhinged, gross, and dirty sound and imagery that several of their other compatriots have made famous. With their second full-length, Satanic Resistance, the band is poised to make another mark on what seems like an almost calm and stagnant genre. I can’t tell you how badly I needed to hear a record as visceral and out of control as this.

While the song titles were indistinguishable to a native English speaker, they seem to keep in line with the album’s motif. The sound is where this album excels for me. It beas a similar intensity to one of my favorite bands of all-time, and their French counterparts, Antaeus. I missed out on the first full-length that Malhkebre released, so I can only compare it to a few songs in their back catalog. When held up against the split with Aosoth, I definitely prefer this newer material. The sounds are more aggressive without lacking in control. Comparisons can also be made with Arkhon Infaustus and other metal aggressors like Deathspell Omega.

The artwork takes a more minimalist approach this time around. There’s not as much going on on the front cover. While I have mixed opinions about this, it shouldn’t really matter as it matches up well with how the record sounds. I suppose an over complication of the artwork was not the band’s intention anyways.

Thankfully, this album doesn’t follow the recent trend of offering only two or three songs that are all twenty minutes a piece. With very few exceptions, I almost never finish these longer albums. Call it a short attention span, or a busy lifestyle, but it’s just never usually been my thing.

Malhkebre’s Satanic Resistance is a well paced and furious sounding record that belongs in every maniac’s arsenal.


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