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  • Exclusive North American Aluk Todolo “Archive Vol. 1” Stream

    Archives vol.1 is a collection of unreleased and rare material documenting the first decade of the band’s existence : raw, unpolished rehearsal captures, bizarre recording experiments, early or

  • Dreadlords / Miss Parker : Split

    2017 : Désordre Nouveau Records Format : 7″ File this one under “out of left field” for me, it’s one of those splits your not sure how or why

  • Venenum : Trance of Death

    2017 : Sepulchral Voice Records / The Ajna Offensive Format : LP / CD Now that I’ve been able to sit down with it for a bit, I’ve been struggling to

  • Episode 23

    And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them

  • Episode 22

    Show notes: Trepaneringsritalen “All Hail the Black Flame” (Deathward, To The Womb – 2017 – Cold Spring) Teitanblood “Anteinfierno” (Death – 2014 – Norma Evangelium Diaboli / The Ajna Offensive) Foie Gras


In the fall of 2015 I drove up to New Orleans to meet a friend that flew in from Seattle to see the first night of Watain’s U.S. tour with me. We got in a day early and walked around [...]

September 1, 2016 Interviews

Urfaust : Voodoo Dust

2016 : Van Records Format : 12″ EP It’s hard we we lose a friend. It’s even harder when we lose one at their own hands. I won’t get too metaphysical, this isn’t really the place, but I will say [...]

July 17, 2016 Reviews

Brahmen Raag ‎: 009 / Brahmen raag

2016 : Hare Akedod Format : Cassette Lately it seems that all the world is awash in vintage, modular and reissued analog synthesizer sounds. Obviously the appetite for electronic music has been around since at least 50 years and never [...]

July 8, 2016 Reviews

NON : Live Report

NON / Awen / Steel Hook Prosthesis Dallas, TX 06.12.2016 It’s no secret that Boyd Rice, Death In June, Blood Axis and similar artists performances are regularly met with protest, if not completely shut down, by the purveyors of what [...]

June 16, 2016 Reviews

Yorishiro : I

2016 : Constellation Tatsu Format : Cassette Ok, so as I’ve written over and over and over again, I’m a complete music addict. I buy a lot, like “served with divorce papers” amounts. I ordered this one immediately after hearing a [...]

June 8, 2016 Reviews

True Black Dawn : Come the Colorless Dawn

2016 : World Terror Committee Format : CD It’s hard to believe it, but Black Dawn has risen from their slumber once again. Since we’d last heard from the band, many newcomers to the genre have come and because of [...]

May 29, 2016 Reviews

Sanctuaire : Echo 2 – Les Esprits sont Étoiles aux cimes de la Victoire

2016 : Les Productions Hérétiques Format : Cassette Lately all of my favorite Black Metal, Atmospheric or otherwise, has been of the French and French-Canadian variety. Whether it be the more established acts like Akitsa, Aosoth or one of my all-time [...]

May 26, 2016 Reviews

Sapientia : Circulata Mercurius

2016 : Lamech Records Format : LP/CD I was given the honor and the privilege of a very early listening of Sapientia’s forthcoming conceptual work, Circulata Mercurius. As the title implies, the album is enshrouded in layers of Alchemical Mysticism [...]

May 24, 2016 Reviews

Vlk : Of Wolves’ Blood

2016 : Tour De Garde Format : Cassette When it comes to “Heathen” Black Metal, I’ve come up with three general classifications:  the über kvlt “Raw Black Metal” bands whose every release is a demo that sounds like it was [...]

May 20, 2016 Reviews

Perturbator : The Uncanny Valley – Bonus

2016 : Blood Music Format : Digital So my last review covered Perturbator’s newest release, the impeccable The Uncanny Valley. What wasn’t covered for the sake of time was the accompanying The Uncanny Valley – Bonus, which serves as a sort [...]

May 10, 2016 Reviews

Perturbator ‎: The Uncanny Valley

2016 : Blood Music Format : LP/CD I don’t think there’s any other artist I know of right now that’s got so much hype surrounding them. Perturbator’s The Uncanny Valley was without a doubt one of the most agonizing waits [...]

May 6, 2016 Reviews

Grey Aura : Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort

2016 : Blood Music Format : CD From the very beginning I was left flummoxed by Grey Aura’s debut album, Waerachtighe beschryvinghe van drie seylagien, ter werelt noyt soo vreemt ghehoort. For starters, it’s probably the longest album title I’ve [...]

April 30, 2016 Reviews