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King Dude : Sex

2016 : Ván / Not Just Religious Music Format : LP / CD / Digital As 2016 (thankfully) comes towards it’s end like a mountain troll, dragging it’s club behind it, every day I look at my shortlist of “Best Of’s” and [...]

December 15, 2016 Reviews

Colter Wall : Imaginary Appalachia

2016 : YMRE / Windrow Entertainment Format : CD So about now some of you are probably thinking “Has he lost his mind? What’s up with this redneck shit?”. And to that I say, fuck you, it’s my website. I’ll [...]

September 15, 2016 Reviews

King Dude : Songs Of Flesh & Blood – In The Key Of Light

2015 : Not Just Religious Music / Ván Format : LP/CD I have a confession to make, I tried for a long time not to like King Dude. There was something about the man behind the Dude, TJ Cowgill, that rubbed [...]

October 11, 2015 Reviews

Snakes : Snakes

2015 : Self-Released Format : Cassette/Digital It’s cloudy in the West and there’s lightening on the horizon. You take a deep breath of rain mixed with ozone that makes the short hairs on your neck stick up. There’s that primal fear of [...]

March 25, 2015 Reviews

The Sterling Sisters : Hale

2013 : Pesanta Urfolk Format : LP Like Jazz, the Blues and arguably a few other genres of music, Country is a truly American invention. Rooted in the rural South and infused with equal parts Blues, Gospel and desperation, it [...]

June 12, 2014 Reviews

Lux Interna ‎: There Is Light In The Body, There Is Blood In The Sun

2013 : Pesanta Urfolk Format : LP/CD For many years Lux Interna were one of those bands always on the edge of my peripheral vision. I was aware of them, but for whatever reason never seemed to take the time to [...]

August 1, 2013 Reviews