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Episode 22

Show notes: Trepaneringsritalen “All Hail the Black Flame” (Deathward, To The Womb – 2017 – Cold Spring) Teitanblood “Anteinfierno” (Death – 2014 – Norma Evangelium Diaboli / The Ajna Offensive) Foie Gras “Devotee” (Self-Released – 2017 – Bandcamp) 777 “Across the Abyss” (Self-Released – 2017 [...]

February 26, 2017 Plaguecast

Anji Cheung : Daughter of Fortitude

2016 : Aurora Borealis Format : Cassette/Digital I’ve been a fan and ardent follower of Anji’s work since stumbling across it a couple of years back. I’ve featured her on the podcast, asked her to contribute to our yearly “best [...]

January 26, 2017 Reviews

Totenwerk / Fanaticism

KR: Totenwerk appears to deliberately remain in the shadows, with quite a prolific body of work to date so far, though printed in very limited editions – there seems to be a following for the label and perhaps a certain [...]

January 15, 2017 Interviews

First Order : Near Death

2016 : Phosgen Records Format : CD Surprised and thoroughly impressed by what has landed in my hands here. First Order is a little known, at least to myself, project from Germany with only a small handful of CDR releases [...]

October 19, 2016 Reviews

Sanctuaire : Echo 2 – Les Esprits sont Étoiles aux cimes de la Victoire

2016 : Les Productions Hérétiques Format : Cassette Lately all of my favorite Black Metal, Atmospheric or otherwise, has been of the French and French-Canadian variety. Whether it be the more established acts like Akitsa, Aosoth or one of my all-time [...]

May 26, 2016 Reviews

The Chaos Order : From the Tunnels of Set

2016 : Lamech Records Format : CD Formed by Asgorath in Germany during 2011, The Chaos Order once again raises its offering from beneath tombs of saturated by smoldering incense and the distant recitations of ancient invocations.Originally released in 2014, [...]

February 18, 2016 Reviews

DEATHSTENCH / Phurpa : Evoking Shadows of Death

2016 : Black Plagve/Malignant Format : LP Reviewing anything within the “Dark Ambient” genre is something I usually steer clear of, just because the reviews are usually boring. There’s a finite number of synonyms for “ominous”. However, when two of [...]

February 13, 2016 Reviews

Lluvia : Eternidad Solemne

2015 : Fallen Empire / Amor Fati / GreySun Records Format : LP / Cassette As most of us know, Black Metal’s heyday is at least 20 years in the past now. That sense of danger, treading into the unknown, [...]

September 4, 2015 Reviews

Michael Idehall

Plague Haus was fortunate enough to be granted an interview with modern day Renaissance Man, Michael Idehall: occultist, musician, artist, writer and publisher are just a few of the hats he wears. The following interview was conducted via email in July, [...]

August 4, 2015 Interviews


  When I think of “Ritual Music”, a few top-notch projects come to mind: Halo Manesh, Arktau Eos, or just about any band on Aural Hypnox for that matter. Also long gone, but not forgotten groups like the always amazing [...]

July 2, 2015 Reviews

Beläten : Spring 2015

While I rarely, if ever, go for these multiple release posts, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to do so. For those unaware, Beläten is the label directed by Swedish musician Thomas Ekelund of Trepaneringsritualen, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and [...]

June 3, 2015 Reviews

Episode 15

Show Notes Coil : Red Birds Will Fly Out Of The East And Destroy Paris In A Night [excerpt] (Musick To Play In The Dark CD) Sewer Goddess : Kathleen Marie Bechtel (Verdigris 7″) Habeeb : excerpt from Side A of [...]

November 29, 2010 Plaguecast