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Episode 22

Show notes: Trepaneringsritalen “All Hail the Black Flame” (Deathward, To The Womb – 2017 – Cold Spring) Teitanblood “Anteinfierno” (Death – 2014 – Norma Evangelium Diaboli / The Ajna Offensive) Foie Gras “Devotee” (Self-Released – 2017 – Bandcamp) 777 “Across the Abyss” (Self-Released – 2017 [...]

February 26, 2017 Plaguecast

Episode 21

Show notes: Perturbator “Cult of 2112” (The Uncanny Valley – 2016 – Blood Music) Anji Cheung “Phillip Traum” (Hypatia – 2016 – Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.) Dynatron “Wormhole” (Escape Velocity – 2016 – Blood Music) Nox Formulae “Yezidic Nox Formulae” (The Hidden [...]

January 21, 2017 Plaguecast

Totenwerk / Fanaticism

KR: Totenwerk appears to deliberately remain in the shadows, with quite a prolific body of work to date so far, though printed in very limited editions – there seems to be a following for the label and perhaps a certain [...]

January 15, 2017 Interviews

NON : Live Report

NON / Awen / Steel Hook Prosthesis Dallas, TX 06.12.2016 It’s no secret that Boyd Rice, Death In June, Blood Axis and similar artists performances are regularly met with protest, if not completely shut down, by the purveyors of what [...]

June 16, 2016 Reviews

Trepaneringsritualen ‎: Perfection & Permanence

2014 : Cold Spring Format : LP/CD This was a release I’ve attempted to review on several occasions in the past months, but I found it necessary to allow some time so I could avoid coming off as some drooling fanboy. To [...]

May 13, 2015 Reviews

THOABATH ‎: Through Smoke And Feathers

2015 : Black Horizons Format : Cassette THOABATH is the solo project of Andy Way, who some readers might be familiar with as a member of the amazing Drone/Industrial/Black Metal/Whatever They’re Feeling That Day Sutekh Hexen. While obviously traveling in [...]

January 23, 2015 Reviews

Episode 18

Show Notes Vincent Price “To Raise The Dead” (Tales of Witches, Ghosts and Goblins : Caedom Records) Lamia Vox “Witches Night” (Sigillum Diabol : Cyclic Law) Sutekh Hexen & Andrew Liles “We Once Walked Upon These Coals” (Breed In Me The Darkness [...]

October 26, 2014 Plaguecast

RU-486 : Romanian Abbatoirs

2013 : Destructive Industries / Fusty Cunt Format : CD Thomas Mortigan, a very active individual with his fingers embedded knuckle deep in both the experimental and extreme Metal undergrounds with various projects and a profilic record label. RU-486 is [...]

April 2, 2014 Reviews

Trepaneringsritualen ‎: Judas Goat

2013 : Fang Bomb Format : 7″ I’m not in a habit of reviewing 7″ records, but lately there’s been an absolute deluge of worthy EP’s. And given my current obsession with Sweden’s Trepaneringsritualen, how can I not give my heartfelt approval?  [...]

May 8, 2013 Reviews

Trepaneringsritualen : Konung Dómaldr Vid Upsala Hängd

2013 : Merzbild Format : Cassette As with any genre of music I saturate myself with, over time I become a little disillusioned. Any regular reader also knows I ramble on about why I don’t write, while writing of course. Industrial [...]

March 28, 2013 Reviews

Best of 2012

So, I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring, and it’s 25. I call bullshit on that 10 thing. I’m sure I’ll have some “oh what about…” moments later, but these were the releases I couldn’t get enough of. [...]

January 3, 2013 Reviews

The Vomit Arsonist : Go Without

Assembly Of Hatred : 2012 Format : CD More and more my reviews seem to begin with reasons why I rarely write them anymore, so I’ll continue that trend. As public outlets become more readily available to anyone who chooses [...]

October 8, 2012 Reviews